CCChat Magazine

Min Grob

Founder of CCChat Magazine​

Min Grob is the founder of CCChat Magazine. She is a campaigner and public speaker and talks about both her personal experience of coercive control, recovering from trauma,

as well as more generally on the 'red flags' of ​coercive control.

Min is based in Suffolk, close to the coast

 but wishes to be even closer. 

"Min Grob, on​e of the best communicators on coercive control."

Jess Hill, author of SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO

Conference on Coercive Control,  Bury St Edmunds

October 6th 2015

Conference on Coercive Control, London

November 24th 2018​

Conference on Coercive Control, Bury St Edmunds

July 2nd 2019

Conference on Coercive Control, Liverpool

March 4th 2019

There have been six national conferences, as well as smaller events.